okays, i realise i very long didnt update alrady.
common test coming soon., on week 8.
its already the last day of week 5 now. i think.

i think im dead for EBT.
LOLs. wtf wrong with the DNA and everything.
HAHAs !!!
oh oh, and maths, im lagging behind for MOL.
shall do that later at night.


anyway, i like yesterday episode of BOF.
soo many interactions between Ji Hoo and Jan Di.
i want Jan Di end up with Ji Hoo le. >.<
now i want the OST. and SS501 songs [not all luh, prehaps the more nicer ones?], and of course Hyun Joong solo songs.
how i wish Jiro have his own solo songs too.
esp for TGH’s Chu Kou.

** zooms back to foruming.

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