boys over flower

i watch Boys Over Flower yesterday.
dun like that curly hair guy, leader of F4.
arrogant and bully. blah ~

anyway, i prefer the blond hair plays violin one. [the one in white.]
Ji Hoon is his character name.
real name is Kim Hyun Joong.

i was in BOF and his thread in asianfanatics.
now i kinda think he look like tank a little.
after seeing so many pictures of him.
i started the show by recognizing their hair only.
i bet if they change their hairstyle, i wun know who are they already.

i think winnie like the one at the most right.
Kim Bum. dunno his character name in the show.

i am still blur as to who is who.
oh well. shall go print ACMC report now.
i scared i forget.

and i bought new pumps.
shall wear it tomorrow.
dun like my previous one.
like going to come crushing down soon.

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