QUEST guides rocks my world

Girl Guides VS floorball

do you all know how many times i have though about this for 1 year plus?
i was always wondering if my choice of joining floorball was correct.
and was i suitable for a sport CCA after eons of years in the guiding family.

till now, i still dun have an answer.

however, im glad i have the guiding background.
or shall i say, the quest guides background.

floorball yesterday we were doing punishment.
only the running of 3 rounds around the track field i cant really take it.
the rest is basically chicken feat.

coz we did all of these and more during guides.
puumping. HAHAs!
we only did 10 girls one and 5 standard ones.
please luh, we once did 100/200(?) girls one IN ONE SHOT!
trust me! coz either we drop our beret/hat and/or the guides flag and/or we were doing double coz juniors did something wrong and as seniors, we have to do double.
as compared, 10 pumping is bloody freaking easy.

then we did these squatting then hands @ 90 degrees doing the blinking things.
we did that in guides too!
coz the HQ say that coz we are sisters, we arnt allow to pump the juniors.
* piece of crap seriously, i think some schools still do it. plus i love pumping.
i think we did like 1, 2, 3 … to hundred(?) around 5 minutes or so?
yesterday we did like so little lor.

okays, yes im complaining about the punishment.
LOLs … im sadist, oh yeah.
i think i cant take doing the same thing for a CCA.

for those who dun understand never mind.
im just ranting things here.
and to say that guiding rocks!
seriously, i dare say guiding is the best of my life.
for FB … hur hur ……..


now now now, i just realised i deleted the message krystal send about the campfire.
i hope someone reminds me though. >.<
pretty please. i would like to go for camps like camp challenge.

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