modules for path 2.2

HELLO all !
fifth day of school already!

shall update you people with what modules i am taking.
i shall copy Kiti, HAHAs !!!

lets see :
AQMC — Air Quality Monitoring and Control. [with the third year CEE people, one of them my floorball guy senior. they call theirs APQC – Air Pollution Quality Control (i think)]
RE — Renewable energy. [so far know that we have project to do. group of 4.]
EM3B — Engineering Maths 3. [i LOVE this teacher! cute sia ]
WRT – Water Reclaimation Technology. [with the third year CEE people too. they call is WT – Wastewater Technology ]
I&E in action — my clique and i choose the environment path.
RMT — Retail Management. [for diploma plus in leisure and retail management.]

hmm .. did i miss out anything? i dun think so eh.
shall go do maths or something later @ 9pm.
byebye people !

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