that damn bus 75!


i waited since 8.05 luh.
and the only bus that came was at around 8.55am
zZz !! where did all the bus 75 went to all these 50 minutes?!
i was fucking pissed off man.

never mind.
i’ve learn my lesson.
either will set off early, or change bus.
i took special notice of the bus route along holland village.
know the exact stop where bus 970 collides with 61.
shall wait for 75 till 820. then if a 970 come, i will take it.

good! that shall be my plan for the next 2 years.
why didnt i do this earlier man.


anyway, this term engineering maths 3 lecturer is seriously good.
i know she is old and bitchy and strict.
BUT BUT, she really can teach damn well then the previous 2.
i can even say that she is similar to Mdm Nurlaila.
she have a very special way to memorise differentiating trigo function.
seriously hats off to her.
she can even teach like nurlaila ; power bring down power reduce by one.
though not the exact same words, but it gives off the same results.

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