FAHRENHEIT 飞轮海 《越来越爱》签唱会


or shall i say, i am totally in love with JIRO again !!

went for fahrenheit autograph session with jasmine and her friends.
they all went at 7am. HAHAs…
i only went to find them at around 8.40 plus.
coz i woke up late, plus previous day got floorball chalet.

so, skipping the many hours in between waiting …..


fahrenheit reach IMM at around 3 plus.
they sang like three songs.
i didnt keep track. nor listen to them talk in between.
coz i was too busy taking photos.
and everyone keep squeezing and pushing.
but i think they sang 默默.

Q for more than one hour.
then finally it was our turn to get their autograph.
surprisingly, i took to Calvin the most.
and only said JIAYOUs to Wu Chun and Jiro.
oh man, really wasted.
didn’t give them anything too..
BUT, now that i know .. …..

i seriously melted when Jiro pouted.
with that kissable lips of him. heh heh.
i cant bear to see him so tired.
he closed his eyes and pout. and shoulders hung down. xD
awwwww ~~~~~~ >3

went to comic connection and bought three posters.
two of fahrenheit. one of Jiro’s solo.

happiness today.

lucky i got something in exchange of not going Vietnam trip.

PHOTOS below are the rare ones that are considered good.
damn the many hands and boards. oh well …….

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