i feel extremely bored this holidays.
no work, coz i cant seems to find one.

tried one for games helpers for team building company.
but they say will call me this week if im selected.
its already thursday.
so, yup. ahhhhh. GONE.

bah bah black sheep have you any wool
yes sir yes sir three bags full …

okays, anyway ..
floorball training resuming already.
ahh, muscle aching eh.
later going for FB.
going to buy daniel’s stick.
EXEL master 2.7
i think its damn cool luh.
at the very least save me the trouble of going down to vallhall.
PLUS, since he and ilmil wanted to quit already.
so, tadah. let luqman clinch the deal for me.

(this is the picture luqman sent me.)

Anything to say?

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