happy happy valentine’s day !

firstly. i shall wish all an happy valentine’s day.

may the attached stay together as long as possible.
and may the singles find their other half as soon as possible.


went out with kelis after FME test. we all skipped maths.
HAHAs! teacher going vomit when she knows all her good students skip her lesson.
so, actually wanted to go with clique to orchard.
but thinking that i could go out with them some other time.
but for darling .. kinda hard. thus decide to go out with him instead.
as a valentine date make up to him. (:
went to bugis. wanted to buy a bag for him.
but i thought of a idea which is to ask him to find tailor do his zip.
LOLs…. wasted our trip to bugis street..
wanted to buy him a wallet too. but he says he can buy downstairs cheap cheap de.
so we gave each other a necklace. but mine include a ear ring. yey!
thanks baby! muacks.
and we finally took neo prints after such a long time.
it was really fun. you are damn cute luh you know?!
i think we took our first neo print at our 3rd months or so…
which is like eons ago..

would love to go out on a date like this with you again soon..

was rotting @ home and reading through maths notes.
HAHAs !!

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