read that right, oh yea. MJ. expand that word yourself.

so, yesterday had no class for hospitality.
free from 12pm onwards.

went to cesario house at yishun to play mahjong.
first time playing with other people outside my class.
coz, valerie was my mentor.
and she didnt teach me how to count the tais.

yup, so anyway..
played with kelis, against ces, mr j, dolp & PV
win quite a fair bit eh. S$1.50
HAHAs. but we still lose a bit a the end.
the starting we played dai dee. LOLs.
lost there quite a lot.

so, yup.i think if inle is there..
he sure gonna laugh at my actions luh.
bad bad evil bro of mine.

damn, didnt get to see inle & dearludear, cnet & sakura..

soo, all that i said was that today is a slacking day.
whoa~ S&W later.


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