alex last hip hop lesson with us.
he going to dubai to assist some thingy.
LOLs. i actually can look forward to a module
someone replacing him for next week last S&W.
CATS also last lesson next week.

we did locking today.
i feel its not that tough.
in fact, its very FUN.
a super upbeat dance.

valerie says its michael jackson song.
so, hmm. oh well. not too sure about the tittle.
but the dance can be used on any song for locking?
HAHAs. i have no idea..

MAN, i miss alex already.
i think he’s really a nice and fun teacher.
im honored that he can remember my face and name.
coz he said he cant remember peoples’ name.
flying off to dubai on monday night.
coming back on 24th february.
he said he will be teaching at o school.
and coming march teaching in dance people.
somehow part of me feel like taking up classes outside.
but, no time (which is kinda fake), and money involved.
‘see you around outside dancing’ HAHAs. he said.
and he said he looks forward to every thursday because of us!
actually i look forward to thursday too.

after this semester.
i think i have no modules to really look forward to.

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