okays. we went to take out the concrete cubes today.
HAHAs. took super long to unscrew the sides.
super oily and greasy. after that took super long to wash my hands.
but, smell of the damn soap. LOLs.

gotten back by FME results.
saded. only 71%.
alot of others ot so much higher than me. ):

i heard the other EWT class damn clever.
last semester GPA some got 3.9
one even got 4. so clever eh?
HAHAs. anyways. we taking their modules now.
wait till exams then see if we can get that kind of grades.

i saw the news just now, o levels results releasing on jan 12.
i hereby wish all juniors good luck. ๐Ÿ˜€
hahas. its one day before the testing of my bridge.
guess i’ll be busy. plus having classes whole day.
somehow really feel like going back queenstown see them.
i wonder who’s the top scorer. and wonder if he/she can beat wen yuan record.

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