eco camp @ UWS

okays. i am back from eco camp.
it was fun, made some new friends.
brian is FUN. senior, year two.
the camp facilitator, juraimi (?) is FUN too.

so, background.
we went to ulu pandan for ‘river clean up’
most of the others went to jurong for house to house visit.
we super slack. its like taking a stroll.
den we had such a long time for lunch.
we were watching TV in the coffee shop luh.
went to stay overnight at sentosa. underwater world.
FOC into underwater world sio.
okays la, not really FOC. the camp is expensive.
went to see the ‘songs of the sea’. think its better den the musical fountain.
have fireworks at the end okays! HAHAs.
slept at the conveyer belt area of the UWS – underwater world singapore.
it was damn cool. the stingray and sharks around.
but we slept late. coz was listening to juraimi telling stories.
we just went dolphin lagoon this morning.
they are cute. HAHAs. get to touch them too.
oh yea. and i touched stingray soo many many times!

i was thinking it would be good if you people read valerie’s blog.
since i didnt write too much about the things we did. HAHAs.

VALERIE’s blog.

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