so people, as i had said before. my own reflections for this whole year.

o level results
hmm, i remember i was really happy. for scoring such good grades esp for geography and english. disappointed for my maths results.

started my first work experience
i was nervous and excited at first. it was my first job ma. after a few weeks or so, getting a little tired. physically and mentally. tough job. SAKAE is fun, i mean the people. esp with zheng seong arnd. i laugh at him getting jam. he laugh at me getting jam. LOLs. it widen my social almost instantly.

first official date
yes, im serious. my first official date happen on valentines day. coz we both had off on that day. it was memorable. thanks kelis (:

my relationship with kelis
im really lucky to have met kelis. we are suppose to be parallel line, never suppose to meet. he told me he wanted to quit sakae long before then. but he still stayed on. and me, i was supposedly to be at TBP outlet. but went to bugis to help out. so, yup. from there we met. and oh well, i was touched by him. (:

start of poly
i was seriously excited. my first choice. lucky im in this class. then i can meet all of you all peeps. and my lovely clique. boss, su, liyana, val, winnie, doubleH, willy. LOVE you all~ lets be the best clique ever! can can? say YES!

sgclub bear bear family tree club outing.
my first forum outing, first sgclub outing, first BBFTC outing.
really was fun, like the people there. super friendly.
stupid sonicbear say i dunno how to eat. humps.

sodabeta evil club outing
this IS my best forum outing ever.
coz i finally met most people im familar with online.
ces, HT, SB, ling, qii, inle, cnet, and many others.
and i even went with kelis.
nice people. they are seriously nice.
love teasing people sia. XD
i truely appreciate their friendships.
coz of their experiences in life
i tend to always find them for solving my problems.

to think about it, this year is one of the most wonderful one.
i met alot of new friends. like from sakae and poly and forums.
learnt how to be more outgoing, more willing to open up.
more sociable in that sense. not like every thing bottle up.
a great year in that sense. but i want 2009 to be a better year.

my only wish is that my parents will allow me and kelis to be tgt.
so that we dun have to always lie if we want to go out.
and only reduced to him fetching me back from school…
i know the keys now lies in me, but im jus unable to do so..

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