FAHRENHEIT 飞轮海 想入飞飞世界演唱会

okays, so i went to see fahrenheit concert on friday at the indoor stadium with yanjun.
love my JIRO very very much. HEH HEH.
he had red highlights on his hair! same with wuchun.

oh man, our seats kinda far away. should bring my spec along.
then i can see them more clearly.
we were saying that we wanted to get the front seat the next time round.
must start saving already.
HAHAs. yesh. i want to see my JIRO clearly.

they each have a sepcial segment in the concert.
wu chun played the drums. oh man. COOL.
jiro play the guitar. damn style. i like guys who can play guitar.
aaron played the piano. a duet with jade liu, special guest.
calvin did beatbox. cant deny, it sound pro. nice.

the last few songs was highness.
super duper high. (:

i should have bring my camera. my K810i is so blur luh.
nevermind. i will still post up the pictures.
still have some pictures with yanjun camera.

note to self :
i want to buy their concert DVD when its out.
and pre order their third album.

i know you all cant see a thing. i cant too. 😛

photos taken with yanjun using my camera. love the second pic. captured the Fahrenheit word brightly. XD

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