ECA water project

today water project is FUN.
my group water sample have to be the cleanest!
its from control tank.
HAHAs. separate from the main system.

anyways, willy school – commonwealth sec is super nice.
oh my gawd. much nicer than our BE school and QTSS.
big and spacious. seriously love the mangrove system we took our samples from.

took so many pictures there.
kinda lazy now to bluetooth to my lappy.
shall do that another time.

while i was there, i remember what mr eric low says about commonwealth house.
they are commonwealth, share their wealth until no more. that’s why last.
HAHAs. super lame joke. coz last time commonwealth used to be last.

all rights. have fun peeps.
i have to start doing the google doc first.
then tell my mum later about floorball camp.

haiz, really wish things will settle fast. asap.

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