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According to your age, list down the number of things that most people don’t know about you.

1. i cant rollerblade properly.
2. i cant ice skate properly too.
3. i like doing pumpings.
4. i hate doing crunches
5. i like outdoor activities.
6. i like water sports.
7. i love campings.
8. i love campfires.
9. i normally wun flare up in front of ppl.
10. i hated the date of my birthday.
11. i dislike my restricting parents – think this is a known fact.
12. i have a desire for freedom.
13. i want to have full control of my life.
14. i dun like changes popping up.
15. im actually a perfectionist in some ways.
16. i want to be more outspoken.

i shall tag : kelis, kiti, jun hao, suriani, valerie, hui ning, angeline.

oh yes, why only sixteen, coz im only sixteen officially.
my birthday is on the twenty nine of december ma!

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