SODABETA evil flowers steamboat outing.

random pictures. (:

dearludear, MIRyung, mr bernard, yun. AND inle table.

Vayness – cnet, destinyfate, mr_j. AND msvainpot, chenghao, huiting, kelis, sonicbear – anticlockwise.
group photos. damn inle hiding. >.<
goddness, calis, cesario, ling, mikicoco. AND ABNN, msvainpot
inle, dearludear. me & kelis in BG. AND xiaojace. fed by ABNN.
so, that is all the pictures i have from the outing.
kinda fun, not bad.
but too many people. 30 over.
by the end of the outing, still got quite a number of ppl still dunno.
at the very least. i still met..
inle, my evil bro!! and my sis in law, the evil misstress, dearludear.
but kinda sad, cant stay long.
was chased backed by 9.30.
they went on to watch movie and chill out at TCC.
next time bah. XD
and, im the youngest there.
LOLs. stupid evil bro keep laughing at my actions.
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