last day @ fin-exis


let’s screammm~~
yey. finally. holidays are freaking long and boring.

last day of work is bored.
jacinta went off at 1pm.
karen went off at 3pm.
CS and ZP wasn’t in office.

only sean said goodbye to me when i go off.

ahh! that is so freaking sad eh?

but luckily, didnt get tortured like i was in sakae.
continously 2 days be runner and do others.
wow. it must be a miricle that i can do it.

anyways. kelis called hwee si.
she is now working at suntec sakae as supervisor sia.
i was seriously shocked. i meant it.
coz i saw her friendster comment to ah boon saying she quited.

then he called joey too.
say menu changing too.

p/s i still think that kelis is the pro-est runner ever!

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