1H01 class chalet

okays, i was forced to pang seh them coz my mum wants me back by second night. LOLs. let’s see, overall it was a really well plan chalet other then food for BBQ a little too much, and the venue. a whole tray of otha was left uncooked luh. and chicken wings. i ate a lot during the BBQ as compared to others that i attended before. coz doreen clique were cooking and we were slacking. lols. but, i dun eat that much as compared to others. considered alot. feel lazy to eat sia. oh well, i drank beer yesterday! although i am allergic to it. i wanna try sia. not to worry, no rashes appeared. i heeded timothy advice and drank alot water. lmao they bought whisky, i think. 40% alcohol. S$108. haha, obviously is shared with arnd 10 ppl. i learnt how to play majong yesterday. i was watching a lot of rounds la. i think i know how to play le. just very slow. first night was fun. we play truth and truth. not truth or dare. lmao, i kena alot. …. i think im the worst. i think thats aboubt it la. pictures, i know winnie took pictures. but we didnt take pictures le. im guessing its all candids.


Anything to say?

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