today work is more fun and slack the yesterday. i slack alot la. came in for afternoon shift. recorder batteries low like mad. only call a little, all not interested if not is no reachable. the we chatted alot. lols. the other group of TMs doing career fair de damn funny la. wad cash cheque and cross cheque and IC thingy. lols. laugh like mad sia. their work more easy la. commission higher then us also. theirs is ask ppl who went for the career fiar to come down for job preview. so easy luh. their leads is all searching for work de ma. ours they hear is financial services de survey all say not interested le. … .. .. i call arnd 100 today, only 1 did my survey. one even funny la. she is a financial advisor, wrong target for the survey. another getting his license for financial consultant… i replied : congratz. -_- freaking funny, i even have to get batteries from sky. if not i cant continue calling. no more batteries le. i think not bad la, just need ppl to talk and crap around then fun.


Anything to say?

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