TeleMarketer (TM)

i am so tired sia., really. let’s see, im trying to compare the work between fin-exis and sakae. fin-exis (telemarketer) : mentally tiring. have to handle rejections sit in office, will become fat very sian to call and call. very sian, no one to talk to. very sian when no one wan to do my survey. ultra happy when i get a mailer and appointment fixed. pay per hour more plus commision sakae (part time service crew) : physically tiring. have to handle unreasonable customers. walk arnd, great for losing weight very sian to be runner – super stress great ppl there. fun FUN and fun. ultra happy having fun with jolin and all. pay less, do alot of work okays la, i guess that’s about it. but i have more fun in sakae. can gossip about customers or ppl walking past outside. theres once a couple wearing matching flora berms, so gay la. and another with the gal giving the guy a present wrap in pink wraper. super funny la. and it its always jolin telling me these jokes. i fake walking arnd laughing like mad lor. (: telemarketer’s job is sooo SIAN. call and call and call. rejections and more rejections. only have 1 mailer and i appointment fixed for today. though kelis say is very good le but still ….. and i only talk with my fellow TM in btw calls, 1 sentence only. no fun luh. i can only see kelis during lunch hour. haiz, really very, ultra, super sian. to tell the truth, getting abused for overuse of labour in sakae is more fun then this. if only sakae offers higher pay…….


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