5 things of each

5 sources of happiness:
2. being with 1H01 clique
3. being with kit and gang
4. going on forums outings
5. floorball

5 events that have brought happiness to ur life:
1. having kelis
2. entering EWT
3. joining sakae
4. joining girl guides bak then
5. joining floorball

5 strengths u think is needed to achieve happiness:
1. positive thinking
2. the strength to carry on
3. saying out ur feelings rather then bottle up everything
4. be glad that u are more lucky then others
5. lastly, happiness is how u look at things

5 weaknesses u think are hinders to achieving happiness:
1. jealous
2. thinking that others is out to harm u
3. thinking that everyone own u a living
4. doing illegal things
5. being pessimist

5 people u would like to see achieving happiness:
1. esp kelis
2. all my sec sch fren
3. all of my poly mates
4. forums friends
5. each and everyone i know of

5 people u would like to tag:
COMEON people. it’s only a quiz. DO it.


Anything to say?

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