just finish going to queenstown to take my testimonial.
not bad, a really nice blue file.
kit boyfriend was there too. Don is his name.

wait for everyone to arrive at dawson bus stop.
long time didnt see the all of them alrdy.
janet looks totally different eh.
saw her and eddie on bus.
i cant even regonize her luh.
the rest okay la, change a little.
yie yng is still as lame as ever.
i am finally able to understand yie yng cold joke.
lols, last time was kit and yie yng on the same perverted wave length.
LOLs. … haha, kit even said i’ve improved le.

collected finish, stood at the foyer, chatting.
talk and talk and talk. (:
lame jokes and more lame jokes.
oh well, i didnt know yie yng in TP.

that’s about it, i think.
went our seperate way at bus stop.
left janet and me taking 33 as always.


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