problems unsolved

i still dun really feel that my problem is solve.
i know sodabeta people have been helping to give me advices.
i know goblin and the rest is behing me. i do know what to do.
talk with my mum calmly, dun shout. ask for reasons. and whatnot.
but the thing is, how do i start a conversation on that kind of things.
how to start the first line? how to continue next?
when to start it? by the time she reach home it’s arnd 7.
eat dinner, and what shit it’s 8 already.
and depending on the show, she will either stay at living room to watch or go to my brother playing computer.
9pm she will watch TV, but my bro will be there too.
i really dun wish to talk abt that in front of him.
then how? there gone the chance. how??

and the main thing is still i wan to work thr.
not coz of kelis. is coz the company alrdy trained me.
2 hours long training to be telemarketer okays?
i am already approved by MAS lor.
it is like so irresponsible not to work.
i feel so gulity, so bad, so irresponsible for not working.

yesterday i asked kelis to call my mum.
coz i really wan to work thr.
my mum say she is reaching home, and will call him bak when she’s ready.
that is obviously a lie. she reach home arnd 7.20.
when kelis is having class at 7.
and i ask him to call at 6.30.

she reach home ask me why ask kelis to call.
i say i wan to work thr ma.
then, she reply why ask him call my hp. ask him call home la.
she is like, so money minded luh.
the thing im quite frusted with is she didnt call him bak.
i said i wanted to work thr.
then proceede on to saying very irresponsible le ppl train you then dun work.
her reaction is so negative after that.


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