just cancel out the love at the end of this line.


i dun wish to write about this, but ahh~ fuck it.

i have no idea wad happen to my mother but she came home yesterday angry. saying why i didnt answer her phone calls when my phone was in my bag and my bag was on the floor!
how the hell am i suppose to know that she called.
then she went straight into my room look at my phone.
and i knew it, im gonna be dead.

i went out yesterday with kelis, but i told her i going to watch movie with kiti(so sorry i used ur name). i have no choice okays?
she so fucking disapprove of us, i just HAD to use someone else name to go out with him.
she looked at all my messages, i bet.
so, she obviously know now that i lied.
she even said the fireworks was fake.
damn her la, i believe kelis did msg about huining, jiayi and others going.
she just turn a blind eye to it la!

nevermind about it, whats worst is when she used my phone to call kelis.
she just straight away scold him. i believe he did a litle talking.
(so sorry jie yong, i jus want to rat it out, and u even told my mum it was me who woo-ed u in the first place!)
at least kelis was truely standing beside me, i was so worried he might just say that.
outcome is that she will consider about me and kelis being together.
i am so amazed that my expression can be so calm.

but, before the phone call, she demanded me not to start work today.
she didnt say anything about this. that’s why i am still at home now.
luckily kelis had already told his manager.
i dun wan to be viewed as someone who is so irresponsible as to not report to work on the first day.
i cant event call shelia la, my phone’s not with me.

i really dunno wad to do now. i just called kelis.
i was crying throughout. while he did the talking.
how am i suppose to know when my mum had already calmed down, when she is working away now!!!

i am at a lost, somebody. advice me please. )’: ): D:


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