teachers day celebration

seriously, it’s a bore. i mean it, truely.
kiti, baoting, jing yi didnt went.
only left yan ling and me.
janet and yie yng so late den go.

just went to hall watch the performances.
oh my, sec 1s can really dance.
i was really amazed. too bad sec 4s and 5s didnt dance.

saw jieyong, aloysius that gang.
then saw clifton too.
and jasmine, xin ming, audrey that gang too.
pei sze, mildred that gang very late then arrive.

hmm, always have no fate to meet jie yong.
he went off earlier to meet serene. lols.

me and yan go gateway to find kelis.
i dun wan to pang seh her ma.
then insist she come along.
i force kelis to treat her eat pasta. (:
okays, i am really a bad and violent gf. hehheh.

then we went COMEX IT fair to buy external hard disk.
coz his fren lazy to go buy. ohmygod la.
and i am going there tomorrow too. with my family.

then me and yan hover around bugis junction a little while.
and after which we went home.

so that’s the end of today.
and i have no floorball this sunday.


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