sims 2 is so boring!

okays, so sorry people. another post eh.
i just want to rant.
i think i lost interest in sims 2, or my sims 2 character.
whose interest/wants is to be a kind of playboy.
LOLs. i know i choose it, but oh well.
i just want to control someone whose character i can never be.
haha, and i got bored by trying to get my sims to get close to the opposite sex and 一脚踏两船.
LOLs, see, i lose interest in games pretty fast.
i really need auditionSEA.
one game i can actually get hook on for many many months.

i nedd help people. someone please teach me to download audition to play.
and btw, mine is window vista.


Anything to say?

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