[11] People tagged with this quiz.
1. kelis
2. jasmine
3. jun hao
4. jia hao
5. valerie
6. suriani
7. winnie
8. hui hui
9. jie yong
10. angeline
11. ivian

[10] Firsts.
First Best Friend: none. seriously, i dun think i had/have any.
First Screen Name: pancake
First Pet: none
First Piercing: ears
First Crush: primary 4
First CD: 5566
First Car: none
First Love: kelis (:
First Place called Home: tiong bahru

[9] Lasts.
Last Beverage: milk with milo
Last Car Ride: kelis’s bro car. damn long ago.
Last Movie Seen: i forgot. kinda long ago.
Last Phone Call: kelis
Last Song You Listened To: a chord song
Last Bubble Bath: none
Last Time You Cried: a thurs last month.
Last Thing You Ate: ytd dinner
Last Bad Thing You Did: slacking as of now.

[8] Have You Evers.
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: nope
Have You Ever Been Arrested: nope
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: nope. LOLs.
Have You Ever Been On A Limo: nope
Have You Ever Cheated: on wad? on FB trainings then yes.
Have You Ever Been In Love: is now considered?
Have You Ever Been In A Car Accident: nope
Have You Ever Broken A Bone: nope

[7] Things You Are Wearing.
1. shirt
2. pants
3. nail polish (lol)
4. undergarments
5. ring
6. watch

[6] Things You’ve Done Today.
1. online
2. study
3. slack
4. msn chatted
5. blogged
6. ate lunch

[5] Favourite Things.
1. going out
2. slack
3. play sims 2
4. temp chez maki
5. chocolate

[4] People You Tell Almost Anything To.
1. kelis
2. jie yong
whoops. i think only them, why all guys!!

[3] Choices.
1. Black Or White: black
2. Hot Or Cold: cold
3. Chocolate Or Vanilla: chocolate

[2] Things You Want To Do Before You Die.
1. do something thrilling and dangerous and survive it.
2. to see my ability to earn how much money.

[1] Thing You Regret.
1. not buying a boomerang in perth to keep as souvenir?
i hardly regret things.


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