hyd exam

hydraulics exmas, it totally sucks. i meant it.
like a hell lots of sucky things.
some definations i dun really remember.
like what the hell?! intensity of presure and pressure head. venturi meter and pitot tube.
plus plus plus, a particular pressure suppose to be negative.
i got it initially. but thought that it looks wierd. i purposely leave out the negative. LOLs.
kill myself, bang my head against the wall and die. ….. … ….
and many other more mistake i dun wanna say le. oh man.

on the lighter note.
1H01 class chalet is planned out alrdy.
paid 30 bucks for 3 days 2 nights.
i have to pursuade my mum to let me stay overnight.
it will be at aloha loyang, 16-18 sept.
the previous week of bangkok trip.
luckily my job is flexible hours. haha.
and, BBQ on second night. night cycling, majhong, DVD, blah blah.
XD looking very forward to it.

2 papers down, one more to go.
and that is, environmental biology.

okays people.
i have to go and bath now.


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