delicated to sakae and kelis.

kelis and i have a sort of heart to heart talk yesterday night.
he said that he was lucky to have met me.
i then replied, you should thank sakae then, for providing a platforn for us to meet.
and karen too, who always asked me to help out bugis whenever bugis requested staffs.

and unintentionally, i thought back to the times at sakae.
i remembered i almost cried during several occasion.
first time got scolded by kitchen staff, first time dropping my tray. first time wrote the wrong orders when i was training to be a runner.
haha. zheng seong had the nickname jam seong.
and next to him, im the one that will always jam up the kitchen with orders.
when i drop my tray the first time, only desmond was the one telling me its okay.
aww, i miss desmond a lot. he is a good supervisor.
to tell the truth, i always go to tiong bahru plaza with a mixed feeling.
my eyes tend to linger on sakae outlet. trying to see who’s there.
aiya, i just miss there. the poeple there is nice and helpful. i miss my tempure cheese maki too.
i miss the kitchen people and dishwasher teasing me. ((:
and of course, i miss desmond giving me a flying kiss whenever i help him out unexpectedly
heh heh. kelis gonna get jealous. he was already, when i told him this.

kelis gave am insight on things i never actually i was.
faithful, honest, cute(?), pretty(?), understanding, supportive, dun spent much and a good figure(ohmytian?!).
lols, yup, he said that. till now i still dun think i am.
i was like, isn’t every girl suppose to be like this?
he instill some confidence in me, im glad for that.

i really do treasure you, kelis. (:


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