updates on my mudane life

okays, so. kelis asked me to blog. and so here i am.

current updates.
2 more modules to go. hydraulics and environmental biology.
before i am really considered free, from school work.

then, got a training on thurs. for the telemarketer job.

oh yes, class chalet.
arnd 15 – 17 of sept. with my 1H01 class.
i am so looking forward to it.
but my mum dun let me stay overnight.
hmm, i need to persuade her. lols.

and outings!
fireworks with sakae bugis people.
lols, wonder why i only go out with bugis people.
when i am not their ‘permanent’ staffs.
so, come on TBP sakae people, jio me out. ……

then next up.
wall e movie premier. that’s the private screening with matt.
i am looking forward to it too.
just scared i might get lost though.
i have a hard time in orchard. blur like sotong. no idea where’s where.

i guess this is about it.
nothing much interesting is going on now.
i am at home. how interesting can it be.

i guess the more interesting post will come during the fireworks
and of course, the chalet.

how can i forget about this?!
i cut/trim my hair. 2 inches okay?!
dots, i didnt know i got so used to that long hair.
even short of 2 inch looks wierd.
fells wierd too. lighter too.
but my hair’s flying everywhere.
doesnt look as straight as last time anymore.


Anything to say?

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