math paper

okays, let’s talk about the engineering maths paper today.
not bad, kinda esay i feel. overall.
question 6 is a killer question.
total of 12 marks. 2 sub question.
i spent almost half an hour on it.
and, look i vandalise the paper until cannot make it. lols.
second part i can do, the 8 marks one.
first part i cant, give up halfway.

*click to enlarge. (p/s: k is at the adjacent for the bottom triangle.)

people taking the o levels.
you all can try doing it too.
the one i can do (part B) is kinda easy.
part A requires thinking. hmm.

another question I’m not so confident is the angular and linear velocity.
5 marks for that particular question.
we’ll see how my result goes then. hope i can score A. (:

EG1 down, 2 more modules to go.
hydraulics and environmental biology.
the funny think is, during the exam i keep thinking of a particular hydraulics formula.
lols, while i was doing linear velocity. eh. no idea wad happen.


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