life is so fucked up nowadays.
problems surfacing in sgclub is pissing me off.
my mom is pissing me off as well.

she doesnt gives me enough freedom la.
she wants lights off at 10pm.
im like dun even need to wake up at 6am.
i was only packing stuffs in my room then she stood there and say,
why dun wan just now pack, must wait till now.
i cant even online too.
she will say, why last min need to go online.
then that time was doing eco slides have last min changes.
i have to say is they last min wan to change things and blah,
then she allow me to on my laptop.

what is the most rididulous thing is that she dun even let me study after 10.
‘why now then study, why dun wan just now study.’
she will always say that. please la. study le, not playing le. hello?!

she dun even give me privacy.
come into my room openly pop her face in front of my laptop.
the i retorted what are you doing.
she just reply, i cannot see har?!

she doesnt even know the most basic things to give a person la.
respect, privacy freedom.
none you know! NONE!

i even say i wan to go back school library and book room to study.
she just say i dun allow. FUCKing piece of shit sia.
i say STUDY! oh please, not playing le.
she dun even trust me on that small things.
she just conveniently thinks that i will be with kelis.
and speaking of that, she dun allow me and kelis to be together la!
she just say, scarly you ask ‘somebody’ to go NP lor.
obviously she’s saying about kelis la!
come on la, im not trying to boast here but,
my results are not even that bad, still a bit above average okay?!
what’s is wrong with her?!
being with kelis doesnt even affect my studies la!

sometimes, i am really tempted to move to AMK.
at least i wun get to see her during the weekdays.
only my dad will be thr.
resonable amount of freedom will be given.

i am not asking for alot of freedom.
just that she leaves me alone.
not exactly in that sense but,
let me go out to study ; she doesnt understand the huge amount of distractions at home.
i even list out every distractions. she just say, is wheather you wan to study anot nia.
when you go library, you see everyone study, you will get get in the mood to study faster la.
back to my point, at least gives me the freedom to do what i wan at night.
and dun demand me to sleep at 10pm when i dun even have to wake up so early.
or at the very least know the manners to close my room door after she opens it.

i really envy people with much more freedom then me.
they get to stay up late online and do things.
winnie once says she play game till 2am la.
im so envious, really.
why is my mum such a control freak.

i really wan to grow up faster.
get my own freedom, move out and stay on my own.
get a work, enjoy the life of an adult.

i am in need of freedom and privacy,
like really really badly.


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