sgc changes

i am getting so pissed of by the admin MR KUNGFOX.
he went to auction off sgc without first consulting us, the forum members.
he even stripped off violette moderator rank and her various spree threads.
so, KF and violette were together before.
as stated in violette blog, the hidden gifts that has made visible proof their relationship.
so, KF abuse his admin rank to did all the above things.
and the ridiculous changes that i stated in the previous post.

so tell me people, KF is soo unresonable and unprofessional right???
how could someone do that?!
what is more piss is that he delected violette threads without any trace.
since she organise sprees, what would other spree-ers think of her.

MR KUNGFOX is an fucking asshole for causing such a stir in SGclub!!


Anything to say?

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