email from sgc

look at the underline one.
damn piss off la.

20,000 post to be exclusive member?!?!?!
i only haveo one thousand plus posts la!
i am very sure current members with the most posts doesn’t hit 20,000 la.
when -Y- was still around it used to him/her chossing the exclusive members.
the requirement was at least 3000 post.
and must contribute good quality post.

ahh~ i want -Y- back.
at least he control the whole forum well.
unlike now, server getting so much problem.
admin and moderators missing in action.
they one whole lot MIA till very long la.
kungfox – admin , MIA-ed for half a year lor.
as wad a ican – mod says.
or at the very least i think is ican.
i am very sure a mod wrote that.

*super piss off.


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