oh damn. i have no idea what happen to my mouse. it’s spoil, cant move the cursor, but i can still click and scroll.
i am totally handicapped now, while doing my autoCAD assignment.
no mouse how do i suppose to do my autoCAD lor.
it is way too tough to use the toughpad.
oh well, i have to go down to henderson industrial park to change a new one.
meanwhile, just have to use the touch pad.
anyways, autoCAD assignment is by sunday night. as i was told.

excalty 1 more week to the start of 2 weeks long study and exam week.
bless me people. i have no idea how to survive past all the papers.
ecology test is on next friday.
environmental biology have like .. way too many stuffs for me to memorise.
then is the dreadful hydraulics. i am sure to make many careless mistakes.
luckly or not so luckly, i have engineering maths to pull my grades.
provided i dun make any brainless mistakes like during the common test.

autoCAD is caling me now! argh.


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