tired day.

i know this is really late. kelis scolded me for being online.
but hey! it is for ecology tomorrow.

today was a really tiring day.
despite the fact that i slept 8 hours the night before,
i woke up feeling my back ache and still, as tired.
must be my mattress problem. i always dun sleep well in it.
that sums up my morning of feeling tired.
was dozing on and off on bus.

then afternoon went out with kelis.
details excluded for today.
freaking tiring. yawn for almost the whole journey
kkays. that was for the afternoon.

at night is because of floorball training.
5 x 300m sprint. my stamina drop.
after which is 5 x 50m sprint.
that was really fun.
when you sprint you cant feel anything,
after when you stop, you will feel inbalanced, want to faint.
we played netball eh no captains ball again.
tired like nad. then ate choc ice cream.

now back home, have to edit ecology slides.
siao la. whole day is like so tired.
LOLs. muscle ache le la!!

how could i actually forgot to say that …
i almost fell asleep while waiting floorball to start.
like, really dozing off.
then pei bao pinch my nose. !!
bleahx. whatever. look how tired i get.


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