okays. i am updating again.
let’s see what homework have i left.

biology project done.
ecology slide show done.

left with :

  • hydraulics project report. (but i have no idea what to write)
  • hydraulis practicals discussions. (i havent even started.)
  • autoCAD special assignment 3 (by monday)
  • hydraulics tutorials and additional questions. (no idea by when)

hmm. that kinda seems alot eh?
no choice luh. exams coming soon. right after national day!
that is so not cool.
national day is for us to rest la!
striaght after that for 2 weeks is study and exam week.
i really have no idea if i can study at home.
maybe i’ll go be emo and book a 1 person room.

okays okays. time to do serious work.

* off to tackle hydraulics project report.
let’s hope for the best.
tomorrow in COMT and IAC class i am going to do hyd prac.

i am done with hydraulics report!


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