kkays. i have no idea why but i really feel like blogging now.
school is as per normal today.
the mundane old boring routine.
kelis fetch me to school pick me up.
he is so disobedient la.
i asked him to sleep early for the previous nights and he didnt.
oh man. naughty! gonna wack him if he does it again.

i am slacking now, as usual.
didnt do any homework since i am back home.
went to surf the web.
wasting time. hurhur. (:
my life is getting so boring now.
don’t really know what homeworks i have.
i think other then bio and hydraulics projects; hydraulics tutorial and practicals.
NO MORE.. whoa~ easier said then done lor.
i so dislike doing hydraulics things.
it is just too tough for me to handle.

blah. never mind. i’ll conquer it.
guess i am ending this entry.

*kelis i am warning you. sleep early la!


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