okays. i guess i havent been blogging much.
like as in the details. the post are always so short.

i remember today was a funny day.
but now i cant seems to think of anything funny.

kkays, let’s go from the start.
ecology lesson in the morning.
mr koh forgot he has our lesson la.
only came in later around 9.45am. when class starts at 9am.
then my group had the easiest topic for photochemical smog.
sources, causes, effects, prevention, history.
we were like so bored coz we actually research on a bit.
then we were all chatting on MSN.
winnie and valerie was like all talking about food la.
then me trying to shut them up. haha.
kkays. MSN conversation in below post.

then we watched dawn of the death.
damn gross, disgusting , x-rated and vulgar show.
wow. i can describe it in 1 sentence.
wei lei is like scared(?!)
haha. he like dun wan to watch lor.
valerie and suriani are like freaky gross out.
it was really fun la. if we can flim them while watching the movie.

then it was maths at 3pm.
finally finish complex number.
went on to matrixs.
no idea why we learnt the method in secondary school
so freaking tedious and tiring to do.
now we learning the much faster one.carmer’s rule.
so much easier and faster.
less then 1 minute can finish a problem sum.
last time i think i took minimium 3 minutes la.

after class, was back to AMK!


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