bak to QTSS

after autoCAD.
i chionged out of class.
norman even said i was the first. lols.
kiti and baoting came to NP.
haha. surprise. (:
they went all the way to blk 40 la.
what the hell i dun even know where is it.
so paiseh eh. my school i dunno.
told them to wait for me at the yellow submarine.
as usual they were at toilet.
with baoting combing hair, i bet. hee~

we took bus to queenstown.
74, 105, 145.
yup. change alot of bus.
i was damn blur la.
dun regonize the road.
we met yanling and jing yi in school.
they go via MRT.

then the GO(general office) people so gong and blur la.
they were slacking lor.
tell us the testimonial cannot take.
only NT ones are ready. slackers!
rico alrdy took lor.
is only nurlaila went back early.
then we cant take. wasted our trip.
stupid lor. why dun put at GO there.
hmm. .. .. wasted my trip down. could have finish my autoCAD.

then, me, kit and bao went dawson.
bought things to eat and drink.
chit chatted. food court was closed.
lols. and now.

i am doing my autoCAD. haha.


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