Name 20 people whom you can think of right now.Don’t read the questions till you’ve named 20 people.At the end of this, choose 5 people to do this.

1) kelis
2) kiti
3) yan ling
4) jing yi
5) bao ting
6) winnie
7) huihui
8) wang zhi
9) aaron
10) angeline
11) steph
12) ivian
13) wei lei
14) jolin
15) valerie
16) suriani
17) pei zhen
18) liyana
19) jie yong
20) darwin

Q1:How did you meet 14?
jolin – sakae sushi TBP.

Q2:What would you do if you’ve never met 1?
kelis – hmm. life will still be the same as sec school. no one to talk to. no one to love me THAT much.

Q3:What if 9 and 20 dated?
aaron, darwin – never will. they dunno each other and aaron’s not gay, darwin got gf.

Q4:Will 16 and 17 date?
suriani, pei zhen – no way. les ar?! lols.

Q5:Describe 3?
yan ling – she gave me this quiz to do. lols. she’s good to talk with. my clique in sec school!

Q6:Describe 7?
huihui – hardworking, fun to be with. can get high together. with guides songs. lols.

Q7:What would you do if 18 confess to you that he/she likes you?
liyana – im not les la. lmao. she has bf too.

Q8:Who is 9 going out with?
aaron – sad case, but none. aww.

Q9:When was the last time you talk to 13?
wei lei – friday. i think.

Q10:Who is 2’s favourite band/singer?
kiti – jolin, i think

Q11:Would you ever date 4?
jing yi – nope. once again, im not les. and she’s soo tall.

Q12:Would you ever date 1?
kelis – of course. im with him now. lols.

Q13:Is 19 single?
jie yong – yes.

Q14:Would you ever be in relationship with 11?
steph – nope. im not les la. think i put too many girls name. lols

Q15:School of 3?
yan ling- SP

Q16:Where does 6 live?
winnie – telok balngah. near layfang. i think.

Q17:What is your favourite thing of 5?
bao ting – she loves to go toilet and comb hair.

Q18:Have you ever seen 10 naked?
angeline – nope le.

The 5 chosen ones to do this quiz are:
1) angeline
2) ivian
3) tommy
4) kelis
5) jia hao


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