10 promises to my dog.

just went to watch ’10 promises to my dog’ with kelis.
the movie is kinda touching.
i cried sia. lols.
i am sure he cried too. heard sniffing sound.
hahaha. look, i am so observent. -_-|||

i cried when ‘socks’ the dog die.
really touching story.

*spoilers ahead
the girl found socks in her backyard one day.
it was her mom bought it. as said in the later part of the movie.
they were like ‘xiang yi wei ming’ together with the dad.
coz her mum died due to cancer.
she said in a letter they found in socks dog house.
‘when socks is alive, treat it as a replacement of me.
i am sure it will take care of you all.
now that socks had died, when ever a mysterious wind blow by,
i will be there to watch you.’
that scene was really sad.
pictures of the dog and the girl.
kkays. before the dog die.
the girl and her dad had to move to a university hostel to live.
coz her dad was a doctor that got a better job in the U.
they cant bring socks along as pets are not allowed.
she then left socks in the care of a guy chilhood friend.
and many things happened.
kinda tough to say out whole story.
when the girl had to seperate from socks coz of moving house,
its kinda sad. girl was crying. dog was jumping up and now.
dog face looks sad. train leave. dog ran after it.
tears roll down girls checks. aww ~~
*spoilers ended

the movie really makes u ponder if u did put in effort to be with ur dog.
coz there was a scene when the girl grew up and neglected socks.
coz she was working too much.
and she treated shoe coldly.

so, people who own a dog.
treat it well. it has feelings too.
you have school and friends, it only have you.

the aboved doesnt only applies to dogs.
cats, hamster, rabbit, whatever pets you have.

treasure your pet.
it doesnt live as long as you do.


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