fb sunday training.

today court training. i love it.

see the floorball sticks.
colour so vibrant.
cool right.
i wish i own one too.
hmm, maybe later of the year.
after training end at around 11.30.
me, krystal, jing ting, chloe, elaine and a girl i forgot her name (lols),
we went to KAP (king albert park) mac for lunch.
we were like desperate for food.
READ : f is for food. hui yu’s fav line. (:
all of us bought fillet-o-fish student meal.
the guys all upsize la. hahaha.
one of the guy (forgot his name too) accidently hit an ang oh child with his stick.
he didnt look down and see that he’s angmoh and said ‘pai seh’.
i was LOL-ing la. literally, i mean it. laughing out loud. :X
anyway. today was really fun.
except i left a huge stack of hydraulics stuffs untouched.

Anything to say?

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