friends 4eva

After the last lesson of the day, i went to have a chat with BaoTing. Finally after so long of hmmm LOL what to call it hmm separation?aiya, finally get to chat with her like last time. so 怀念. Hope that we really can be forever best friends. Pan Hui, Bao Ting, Doreen and Wang Zhi. Although we are so separated but i still hope that we can be best friends forever.

taken from my beloved kiti blog.
lols. beloved. think she will be shocked i said this.
she is so silly.
of course we’ll be friends forever.
but i am kinda scared we will drift off.
since they are all in SP.
bao ting, kiti, yan ling, jing yi.
even wang zhi. going NS soon.
hmm. kit: let send him off to NS. and see him botak!

and this is so true.
‘old friends are not close anymore, new friends arent close enough.’


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