this is so so so cool.
just watch finish the AL GORE movie. the inconvinent truth.
and it’s so geography. i like.
i bet kian kiat will like it too. (:
many thoughts. dun really know how to spell out.
global warming will cause so many things to happen. …
flooding of cities, stopping the cycle of ocean currents.
and blah blah blah.
you people out there should watch.
global warming is serious okay?!

this time our ecology PBL topic is global warming.
now its time for miss chee notes!
totally geography. *digging up for notes.

HAHA. lols.
my group topic is on causes, prevention.
the very geography and science part.
woo hoo. loving ecology.

anyways. my ecology is 37 marks out of 50.
so that, convert to percentage is 74%. lols.
now i got 2A and 2B. i think so.
since jieyong told me above 70 is B, above 80 is A.
kinda sad eh? year 1 so lousy grades. )):


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