yesterday floorball training was kinda messy.
keep clashing with one another.
positions were very messy.
haha. bad game. hmm.
new coach sara was good.
he knows his stuffs.
teach very good too. not bad.
AND, luqman’s stick sucks.
too long for me.
crack some more, didnt tell me.
have to let the coach tell me.
the coach is pro la!

tomorrow i am going to die again.
physical training, circuit training.
bless me that i’ll survive well. (:

plus, tomorrow is the start of IAC.
hmm. let’s hope this teacher attitude towards us is better then hui hui’s class.

gotten back my hydraulics paper yesterday.
it’s 83%. i think. not too sure the exact percentage. but i know is 49 marks.
it’s even better then bio lor. ohmygod!


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