CT results.

kkays. let’s talk about my common test results.
not that happy about it. nor am i really disappointed with it.
kinda careless everywhere.

engineering math.
ONLY 90%
for your infomation:
it is only sec 3 topics.
even my sec 3 little brother said it was easy.
ohmygod. can you all imagine all careless i was.
if i ever let my ex-tutor see that … i’ll get killed again!

environmental biology.
that, i did pretty ok only.
73%. NO A1!! crys. lols.
kkays la. i didnt do pretty good for that paper.
drawing of reproduction of virus.
not only my drawing sucks. no labels too.
i see that paper like ‘so geography’
dun know how to put it across.
i think it kinda looks like how i first attempted a geo paper?

so so so ugly looking. the drawings and marks.


Anything to say?

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