yesterday saw the last episode of F&B heroes.
the winners from the various episode work together to make a fathers’ day dinner for 5 fathers.

and, oh wow. i rarely had the chance to see samuel wearing just a t-shirt.
except the white sakae sushi collar tee.
and he look so different from normal. not that strict looking.
but he still acts as a leader for that bunch of winners.
what’s different is the tone of his voice.
more polite, i feel. unlike when i was working he will be like ‘just go. go go go.’
eh. people you get it?
anyway, nothing much to say about the show la.
samuel’s the assistant restuarant manager anyway. hence the leader.

kkays, back to yesterday floorball training details i promised.

tiring sia. freaking tiring.
i cant imagine i actually did that much physical training.
circuit training you know?!
i totally hate that kind of PT in guides.
and yesterday was much much worst then guides PT.
almost can’t take it.
and that is my maximum. i believe.

2 rounds around the tracks.
20 sets of jumping jacks.
20 standard guys push ups.
20 non standard girls push ups.
40 crunches. with break after 20.
20 sets of leg raise.
all of the above times 5 sets.
which equates to 10 freaking rounds.
non stop running/jogging.
4 kilometers okays?! that really is my record.
not to say the rest that i haven even bother to times up.
oh, and that’s not all.
last sets is for cooling down.
1 round around the tracks.
the rest the same except leg raise increase to 30 sets.

you cant imagine how physically tiring is that.
muscle aching all over.

oh my god.
1 PT per week.
oh wow. i am so gonna be dead.


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