floorball training.

i had floorball training yesterday.
i was so tired after that.
even though we really didnt ran much.
it’s the court training that tire me out.
had a very rare chance to play with fatimah.
haha. she’s a pro mid fielder. ^^
play with some seniors on defence.
all i can say that they are pro.
not alot people went for yesterday training.
there’s one coming thursday too.
new coach named sara (!) coming.
can buy sticks on thursday too.
but my mum dun let. it’s kinda ex by the way.
maximum SGD 200. wow!
she say maybe around end of year then buy. lols.

i forgot to add it. i tio pumping around 20 – 30 times.
5 for every shot not in goal post or goal keeper.
damn, all of you should know i cant aim.
that’s why i did so much pumping.
and i like so used to girl guides’ pumping,
just drop my floorball stick down and pumped. this is so LOL la.
but after a while, no idea why. i actually can shoot quite accurately.
what is funny is that i even didn’t deliberately aim.
i was like ‘just shoot lor’. oh my god?!


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